Memtest86+ bootable USB image

For whatever reason the official Memtest86+ website does not include a “dd-able” USB-bootable image of the program. It only provides “USB installer”, which is not always convenient to run, as it's a Windows-only program.

There is a process to create such image manually, detailed on SuperUser. I have followed that (except using Debian-provided syslinux, and not a download, like they suggest) and created such an image, which I provide here for download, for your convenience:

To make a bootable Memtest86+ USB stick, download the above file and run:

gzip -dc memtest86+-5.31b.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX

…where /dev/sdX is your USB stick (be careful and don't use a wrong device name here).

Any size USB stick is sufficient, could even be as low as 16 or 32 MB (if they made ones like that!).

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