Unlisted Japanese VPS Providers

Some Japanese VPS providers that have been either removed from the main list, or haven't been added to it in the first place, with an explanation why.


Provider/plan VM Type 1mo 6mo 12mo Intl.orders Eng.support Cores Disk IPv6 rDNS Notes Links
Cloudcore 2GB KVM 1728 1296 ? ? 2 100 Planned No min.contract=3mo

“It's mostly b2b, and they require the first payment made by bank transfer.”1). And too expensive anyways.


Did not get around to investigate this one properly yet; reasons are: on a cursory glance, they provide 1GB VPSes with 30 GB disk for 1050 JPY/month which is nothing out of the ordinary to begin with; also they charge 1050 JPY (about $10) just for setting a Reverse DNS record for one IP (!!!), which for me is a huge sign that something is deeply wrong with this provider, not exactly makes me want to spend my time on them.


Their “Linux VPS” is based on Virtuozzo, which is not too awful at $6-$8/month for 1 GB of RAM and 80 GB disk, but not too interesting either. I wonder how does the CPU limiting work, with their lowest plan promising just 13% of one CPU core. Adding them here just not to forget to investigate later, I may list them at some point in future.

GMO Cloud

Provider/plan VM Type 1mo 6mo 12mo Intl.orders Eng.support Cores Disk IPv6 rDNS Notes Links
GMO VPS 2GB KVM 1480 1380 1280 Tenso* No 3 100 No* Ticket* ¥4320 setup fee LET

As of August-2014 GMO have decided to “unify” their setup fee to the price of 4000 JPY (sans tax) across all plans; they say it's now “more attractive” to order larger plan, which previously had a setup fee of up to 18858 JPY. Sure, but one important detail that's not being mentioned, is that their cheapest “Micro” plan which costs around $10 per month in USD, now also gets that ~$40 setup fee, while previously it had none.

As of August-2015 they have raised prices a bit more, and also introduced a lower-cost 1GB plan, which with the setup fee remaining in place, still doesn't make their offer attractive compared to Linode, etc.

So I do not think their offers are even remotely attractive anymore, to be honest they weren't that good even before the change, with all the plans rising sharply in price if the user chooses to pay month-to-month and not a full year in advance. With the arrival of the $10 Linode, and even GMO's own Conoha, the GMO Cloud VPS really should not be missed by anyone.

Couple of historical notes:

  • rDNS on GMO VPS can be set by entering the desired FQDN at the sign-up time (and choosing “no management”, i.e. no domain transfer); it will be set for the IP automatically. To change it later, contacting support via ticket will be required.
  • On a GMO VPS 6in4 and 6to4 IPv6 tunnels do not work; according to the support, their upstream network utilizes a firewall which blocks protocol 41, with no possibility to unblock it; also the timeframe of adding native IPv6 support is “undetermined” (asked in July-2013).
  • I was not able to pay for my GMO VPS using any of the five or six different Russian MC/Visa cards I tried. They may be checking that the card needs to be issued in Japan (or maybe RU cards are blacklisted specifically).


Provider/plan VM Type 1mo 6mo 12mo Intl.orders Eng.support Cores Disk, GB IPv6 rDNS Test IP Notes Links
IDCF 1GB KVM 500 500 500 No Yes 1@0.8GHz 15@SSD No ? ide.romanrm.net
3TB bandwidth, Japan East/West DCs available

Requires a Japanese (+81) phone number to sign up.


1575 JPY ($16) for 512MB RAM, 40 GB disk – not interested.


1980 JPY ($20) for 512MB RAM, 50 GB disk – not interested.


Kagoya 1GB OpenVZ 864 864 864 No No 3 200 No Yes kagoya.jp

They have been hacked, and apparently have (or had) very poor security practices:


Provider/plan VM Type 1mo 6mo 12mo Intl.orders Eng.support Cores Disk IPv6 rDNS Notes Links
Onamae 1GB KVM 967 911 856 No ? 2 100 Planned Instant
  • Even though Onamae has all countries listed in their sign-up form, they seem to require phone verification for all VPS orders, and that is only available for Japan.
  • Onamae's 2GB plan setup fee is currently waived as a “campaign”. The 1GB plan is offered without setup fee on a permanent basis.


Looks somewhat promising, however while their normal VMs are 3 EUR at cheapest, in Tokyo they are 2x more expensive, and the cheapest 512 MB plan is not available there, so it starts with 9 EUR minimum for 1GB – at which point it's not anything special compared to other providers offers per price or specs. Moreover, a report from a user who tried to create a Tokyo VM to try out (2016-03-26) says he was not able to get a working VM at all (got no ping or SSH connection), so there might be some issues still to work out from their side.


Huge 9800 JPY setup fee (about $100), prices per month are way too expensive as well.


A strict no orders from abroad in their FAQ; also I heard they enforce this policy by requiring a physical mail verification of the customer's address.


They seem to ask not to sign-up unless you are in Japan. Maybe this can be bypassed via e.g. Tenso, but with this FAQ entry being there, chances of success become significantly lower. On top of that, there's also a setup fee on all plans.


Starting from ~$25 = too expensive, specs to price not competitive on the market.


They seem to have a Japan location, but at their prices starting from $20 for 1.2 GHz CPU 376 MB RAM, 10 GB Disk, this provider is completely uninteresting to me and I don't want to bother adding their offers.


Provider/plan VM Type 1mo 6mo 12mo Intl.orders Eng.support Cores Disk IPv6 rDNS Test IP Notes Links
WebARENA 512MB KVM 360 360 360 No No 1 20@SSD No No web.arena.ne.jp

According to a user report, they do not accept orders from abroad.

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